As politicians and the media talk of walls and division, now more then ever we need to take a moment to celebrate each other, including our differences.  So – with a nod to the Eighties when the walls were coming down rather then going up we are excited to present our new Autumn/Winter collection.
We have leggings which are stirrup-ed and our sweatshirts are tasseled. We’ve played with volume and textures – no ruffle is too big, overcoats are oversized. These are statement pieces to be worn to be unique. The only clashes here are bold colours and contrasting fabrics. Instead, clasped hands bridge the divide and the children play better together.

New fabrics this season include luxury crushed velvet from Korea and double layer wool for extra cosiness as the chill descends. Our super sized overcoats are cut for comfort and to allow layers beneath. Cloaks and bombers will all help keeping your little ones safe and warm this winter.

The collection will launch on July the 26th.

If you would like to pre-order items you love contact us via email and we can hold them for you!

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