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People, places and chance encounters this is how stories and memories are made. I moved to China from England almost a decade ago. I met a local boy fell in love and stayed for far longer then I ever intended. 2 kids and many stories later we are moving West again. This collection is a story of my time in China, the images in this look book show the factory where we produce our products in Shanghai. (The models all live here too!) This season we have also worked with one of the pioneers of the China fashion industry ‘Ms Min’ to produce a limited edition range using their dead stock fabrics.Milk & Biscuits is a combination between the East and West. The Abstract collage print and People pattern is by the English illustrator Katy Welsh. A simple reflection of the chaos of colour and sheer volume of people to be found in Shanghai (population 24 million and counting…)

One of the most eco friendly options is to work with recycled, dead stock or upcycled fabrics .This  Autumn / Winter season we have partnered with the one of China’s most unique and beautiful fashion brands Ms Min to use their deadstock fabrics to create a limited edition range for our own Autumn /Winter collection. With a share vision – to create in a more sustainable way to create designs and to produce something good that lasts is the best thing any designer can do.  If every piece we create can be made with a clear mind, it will avoid a lot of waste.  If we can do less and better, then every piece has more value.

So here is to new adventures in new places. And for the future stories of all of our children


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