Copenhagen – a city of 600,000 people and the capital of Denmark. A place that for me always brings to life the whole concept of ‘Scandi-cool’.. A city that is one of the origins of the now instantly recognizable interior and lifestyles: “Scandinavian Design”. The classic white walls, neutral tones and uncluttered spaces designed to allow both natural light and materials to take centre stage.

*The term ‘Scandinavian’ originally referred to the 3 northern European countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. 


Although I am a huge fan of simplicity, minimalism and functionality, there are times when it all just becomes a bit too perfect. Life – as many may find – is just not quite so easy to keep uncluttered. Luckily the rich tapestry of life is what also brings colour, memories and individuality to the homes in which we live…

So it is with great pleasure that I stumbled across the home of Celine Hallas a Danish photographer and visual concept developer. She kindly shared with me some beautiful shots of her own unique home in central Copenhagen in which she and her family live. Her stylish daughter Sienna – described by her mother as being “A wonderful human who is a slave to no rhythm” is also featured looking suitably fabulous in our Autumn/Winter collection. Creativity can clearly be inherited!


Tell me is your house similar to the home you grew up in?

ABSOLUTELY not and then again maybe. I grew up with a mom that has her very own style in everything and a love for an “over the top” style. I am raised on the mantra “rather make a bad impression than no impression” I think that is a big part of what made me the person I am today.

Did you grow up in Copenhagen too?

I grew up just outside Copenhagen, in the suburb, but I always wanted to live in the center of Copenhagen, today I do and this is where my kids are being raised.

Is the style of your beautiful interiors common in Denmark?

No, it is not! Denmark is a VERY conservative country, also interior-wise. The mentality in Denmark is not to stand out, but to be part of the collective and we are brought up with that as a way of thinking. That is in the end what makes our country amazing, but it isn’t a place that embraces a different way of thinking.

Or does the whole Scandic-Vibe extend to Denmark too?

Denmark is full of Scandic-Vibe and we also have a rich history within the mid-century design and is known for that worldwide. You will in most homes in Denmark find white walls and furniture in beige and grey tones and something in wood. Most people have really nice homes in Denmark, but it looks like the one next door – it is the collective mindset that goes through that too. We feel better when we look like each other.

You have mentioned in your Instagram posts before that many of the beautiful pieces in your home are actually vintage designer and that you find them from auction sites etc – can you tell me a little bit more about how this works?

Yes, that is true, we very rarely buy anything new. Instead I look at online auction houses almost daily. It’s a great way of finding interesting design and to be able to afford it. I sometimes just stumble upon something amazing, but most of the time I know what I’m looking for and can search for years until I find it. I love the hunt, but you have to be patient.

Are there any interior brands that you love and that are local to Denmark? I only know the fashion designer Stine Goya (whose vibe and colours are also wonderful vibrant!)

I wish that the colors that some of the big fashion brands from Denmark have would rub off onto the interior world. We have so much great design in Denmark, but colors aren’t our greatest strength. I do love a brand like Montana for always pushing the limits when it comes to colors.


From the images sent to me there are 2 pieces of artwork from the many wonderful images that adorn your walls – that really stand out to me, can you tell me more?

One is a piece by the Danish artist Eske Kath one of our biggest stars right now. As I remember it is from a series of pictures about when a firework factory exploded here in Denmark. It was located near a residential area, that tragically burned down because of it.



And the other? Is it yours?

Ha ha no its part of a series of pictures by a brilliant art photographer called Fabiola Cedillo. I absolutely love her work!!

(* Los Mundos de TITA’ is a photographic essay focused on the Cedillo’s sister Tita. Cedillo reminds us that Tita could be any of us. “We all [live] life between reality and fantasy, between dreams and nightmares. We’re all fragile and strong, each with our particular limitations,” she writes. The images below are from the book “The Worlds of Tita/ Los Mundos de TITA”

I have always assumed that you are a creative and that you work or have worked as a designer or stylist at some time? Is this the case? Are you?

I work as a photographer and visual concept developer. I am often mistaken for a stylist, but I would be bad at it, as I am only good at being me and a great stylist should be able to style everything. I have worked in kids wear for many years, but are now more focused on interiors 🙂

If a house can tell a person about the owner then I would have you down as a person who enjoys the unexpected, who takes time to find gifts for people that will be treasured. Someone who is always watching and absorbing the world around her – but who perhaps doesn’t want to be seen.

It’s pretty spot on. I love everyday life and routines, but most of all I love to break them. I am absolutely always watching, absorbing and feeling the world around me and that is probably why I get so tired when I’m around too many people. I don’t mind being seen if I can pick the time and place and know what to expect 🙂

What are Danish people like? I have never really met many people from there….

We are very friendly people, when you get to know us ha ha! I think we can be hard to connect with if you don’t fit into what we expect, but when you become part of the gang, there’s nothing we won’t do for you.



A huge thankyou to both Celine and Sienna for taking
their time to chat with us and their beautiful images.
All images above unless otherwise labelled are by Celine Hallas



Sienna wears
the following items from our AW18 collection:


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